In the year 1969, Paolo Vitelli a young college student started Azimut Yachts. Paolo Vitelli started up Azimut Srl and began endorsing cruising watercraft.

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The Prime Steps Towards Progress

In the year 1970, Azimut Yachts was appointed by some grand yachting brands to distribute their vessels in Italy.

Azimut promptly expanded its activities. Later on, not only did they restrict themselves to just circulating yachts, but they also began to design new yachts. In a joint meander with Amerglass, it formed the AZ 43′ Bali, a mass-conveyed fiberglass watercraft, which was a great piece of accomplishment.

The organization gradually broadened its range, concentrating on the lower end of the market – with the dispatch of the AZ 32′ Targa in 1977, the “Portage T” of the yachting world – and the upper end too.

New Age Goals and Universal Recognition

Azimut proceeded to become the ultimate producer of yachts and mega yachts from the late nineties. This period witnessed several improvements of Benetti boatyards at Viareggio and a site at Avigliana in the Turin region. It also saw the emergence of many new harbors at Fano.

Style, Advancement, and Quality

One of the essential reasons why a proprietor picked an Azimut yacht was because of its brilliance and extravagance. By then, the common estimations of the item turned out to be conceivably the most critical factor: its comfort, well-being features, level of development, and luxurious living arrangements.

It was believed that a luxury yacht has regard if it is durable. The luxury yachts were valued because their magnificence had the ability to challenge the seasons. Every yacht model of Azimut reflected the thoroughness and the style of Italian assembling.

Azimut-Benetti’s R&D Center makes progress that is exceptional around the globe, for an involvement with the sea that is simple and safe. Azimut’s progressions are continually proposed to pass on security and comfort to yacht proprietors.

The elements like Plan, development, materials, segments, and human aptitude helped Azimut trademarks meet a higher standard of quality. This rationale is possible in light of the fact that Azimut has restored its compensation to the association. Azimut Yachts invested over forty years of placing assets into staff preparation, mechanical research, and advancements and moreover also invested in the up-gradation of plants and structures.

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