Six Tips to Strike Best Deals While Purchasing Used Boats

Buying a yacht is a dream that most people let themselves indulge in. Especially if you are a yacht enthusiast and are planning to buy one for yourself, you would have scanned through catalogs and online reference materials to find the boat of your dreams and the best deal that you can land. Buying used boats is a preferred option for many boat enthusiasts today. For instance, if you have your heart set on a Feadship but the price of a new one is intimidating, you can always look for Feadship yachts for sale and bring home your happiness.

Usually, mega yachts and super yachts are luxury assets and so are well-maintained. So purchasing a used boat should not be something that would make you skeptical if you know exactly what to look for and check. The next question would be how to land a good deal. Here are our top suggestions for landing yourself the best deals while purchasing a used yacht.

1. Identify the Right Boat

It is great to aspire for the top model of a mega or super yacht. However, identifying a vessel that meets your requirements would be the best way to decide which boat to purchase. So, before you set out to make that huge investment in your favorite new Feadship yacht or a new yacht by another maker, understand your requirements. Do you need the boat for hobbies such as angling or do you need a party boat to relax and enjoy with your friends and family? Purchasing the wrong boat could land you an expensive deal that may not gratify your needs.

2. Set a Realistic Budget

For most people, purchasing a yacht is an emotional endeavor. However, it helps to set a realistic budget. In your budget, set aside an amount for the deal and chalk out another amount that you would like to spend on customizations in the yacht. While your heart may plead with you to indulge, bear in mind that the deal should more be realistic than emotional.

3. Choose the Right Maker and the Model

If you are a yacht enthusiast, you would be familiar with the top yacht brands across the world. There are several brands that enjoy popularity and following as compared to others because of their higher value, durability, ease of maintenance, and after-sales customer service. For instance, there is a huge demand for used Feadship yachts due to the high value of the brand and the excellent quality of its yachts. If you are not in a position to indulge in a new Feadship yacht, you can always get in touch with experts from Miami International Yacht Sales to help you find the best yachts for sale in Florida.

4. Pick the Right Season

A very important factor that you must bear in mind as a buyer is the timing. If you live in a tropical region, then you can look for boats any time of the year. However, if you come from colder climates, you should look at purchasing a yacht during the winter as you can bag yourself some great discounts. Most sellers offer attractive discounts when boaters are inactive. It also helps if you make your purchase before the boating season as it gives you time to customize your boat and get it ready in time for the waters.

5. Look Online

You live in a time and age when most information about everything under the Sun is available online. A Google search with ‘yachts for sale in Florida’ will take you to a plethora of websites that list new and used yachts for sale across brands and categories. However, you need to tread with caution and initiate conversations only with genuine yacht-selling portals such as Miami International Yacht Sales.

This is because there are several portals that may lure you with discounts and unbelievable deals just to sell you a damaged boat. In a nutshell, avoid deals that seem too good to be true.

6. Ask for the Provenance

Provenance is the list of owners, with details of the location, who have owned the boat prior to you. This will give you a fair idea of the condition of the boat. Usually, buyers prefer boats that have had no more than two owners. But if you are buying a boat that has had two or more owners, you might want to have a discussion to understand if there are issues they have faced with the boat and the reason for selling it.

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