Ferretti Group is a leading Italian multinational shipbuilding company, famous for designing, constructing, and selling luxury motor yachts all over the globe. The first yacht designed by the group was in 1982. The yachts by this brand feature revolutionary features that are applied across the nautical industry. Moreover, innovation has been the watchword of this Italian group. They make yachts in collaboration with the best people in the industry to fulfill every owner’s desire for a comfortable, stylish, and safe yachting experience.

If you are a sailor with a deep passion for the sea and are checking out different Ferretti yachts, then read on to learn about the top 5 Ferretti yachts available for sale.

  • Sporty Yacht – Ferretti Yacht 700

Sporty Yacht - Ferretti Yacht 700

Considered to be a sporty flybridge yacht with incredible space, this model of the Ferretti Yachts is best suited for people seeking adventure. Aerodynamic design, comfort, and poise are the hallmarks of this yacht. A true leader, this yacht is meant for those who aim to enjoy the sea to the fullest. With well-planned designs, unexpected flybridges, and an abundance of area to lay back and enjoy, Ferretti Yacht 700 will take your yachting experience to the next level.

  • Motoryacht – Ferretti Yacht 800

Motoryacht - Ferretti Yacht 800

The perfect combination of luxury, powerful performance and style makes this yacht ideal for unwinding and spending time with your loved ones. The Ferretti Yacht 800 combines Italian styling with a powerful motor for a smooth sailing experience. The yacht boasts large windows for breathtaking views of the Miami waters and has vast space for comfortable lounging. You can consult with our mega-yacht dealers in Miami and get this powerful yacht for sale at the best price.

  • Motoryacht for Cruising – Ferretti Yacht 720

Motoryacht for Cruising - Ferretti Yacht 720

Designed by the legendary Filippo Salvetti himself, this yacht opens up a whole new experience for sailors. The Ferretti Yacht 720 debuted at the Cannes Yachting festival in 2019 and has been capturing attention ever since. This Ferretti Yacht offers several functional and stylish features that are highly innovative for a yacht of this size. This yacht is made to cruise in comfort and style.

  • Flybridge Motoryacht – Ferretti Yacht 690

Flybridge Motoryacht - Ferretti Yacht 690

This fantastic flybridge is perfect for recreational purposes and sailing the sea at your pace. This Ferretti yacht has a classic-contemporary feel to it. The captain can control the yacht seamlessly, thanks to its large control system and new-generation steering system with several touchscreen displays and a powerful navigation system. The futuristic design and the synchronization of the form and function of the yacht are a topic of fascination among boat enthusiasts. With a cruise speed of 27 knots, a top speed of 31.5 knots, and a yacht length of 69 feet, you can explore the Miami sea without any interruptions.

  • Luxury Flybridge – Ferretti Yacht 550

Luxury Flybridge - Ferretti Yacht 550

You can savor yachting experience at the Miami sea in ways you’ve never imagined with this the well-crafted model of the Ferretti Yacht series. Ferretti Yacht 550 features a contemporary hull design with an advanced engine room. With a sporty character and a lowered flybridge ensuring complete privacy, this yacht is made for those who love the thrill of the sea and seek a getaway from everyday life.

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