If you are looking for superyachts for sale in Miami, Miami International Yacht Sales is your best bet! We feature some of the world’s best yachts for sale with exceptional amenities, ensuring you make the right investment decision and get your money’s worth. Not only are they magnificent to look at, but they come with advanced technology, exquisite interiors, and comfortable accommodation.

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In this article, you can glance through the features of the brands we offer and decide what you want to invest in according to your needs.

7 Luxury Superyachts You Need to Know About!

1. Feadship


Feadship yachts are known for their precise design and rightly belong to the elite group. These vessels have streamlined bodies and absolute comfort, making them a top choice in the list of large yachts for sale.

2. Oceanco


Oceanco is known to build custom superyachts from 80 to 140 m in length. They are a favorite among yacht owners for the luxury that they bring. This is why time and again, they have featured in the list of top 10 superyachts in the world.

3. Sunseeker


Sunseekers specializes in manufacturing custom-made yachts with fine glass and fiber material ranging to 50 meter LOA. The superyachts by this brand are in demand all year round. They produce more than 150 yachts annually and are known for their elegant vessels that are the epitome of luxury and technology.

4. CRN


One of the finest productions of the Ferretti Group, CRN is famous for its landmark “Chopi Chopi,” the 262-foot megayacht. This military-styled vessel comes in different ranges and has the option of customization available as per the buyer’s taste.

5. Sanlorenzo


Of all the impeccable 80-feet yachts Sanlorenzo delivers, the light blue steel hull continues to dominate over the other models produced within the firm over the years. If you are looking for customizations, expert yacht brokers can help you.

6. Ferretti


If you prioritize comfort for your stay and prefer exceptional facilities at your disposal, Ferretti would be the ideal choice for you. This Italian brand offers vessels that are specifically designed for easy use. The best part about Ferretti yachts is that you can custom design their interior as per your taste.

7. Riva


Founded in 1892, Riva quickly rose to become one of the finest racing yachts in the world. These yachts range from 30-50 feet and entail all facilities suited for cruising. The brand is massively praised for the sleek look it carries with grace.

Explore the Best Fleet of Luxury Yachts for Sale in Miami!

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