Imagine waking up to a picturesque scene of beautiful pale blue water surrounding you and finding out that your destination for the day is a lovely secluded island cove. Don’t you think spending your vacation time lounging around in a crewed mega yacht charter is utterly amazing? Of course, you will be missing out on this experience if you opt for a hotel vacay.

Here are a few reasons to justify the fact that private yacht charters in Miami are way better than a vacation at a luxury hotel.

1) Several Destinations & Places to See

A very special thing about mega yacht charters is that you do not have to stay confined to a specific city or region. You get to sail around to visit more than a single destination!

  • You can go to beaches that are accessible only by yachts.
  • You can lay back and sip sundowners to your heart’s content with a backdrop of exceptional ocean view.
  • Visit beach resorts, shop at international boutiques, party at clubs, and so much more on the same vacation!

Several Destinations & Places to See

The best part? You can do everything without the hassle of carrying around your luggage, dealing with taxis, or having to tussle with other tourists in hotel lobbies!

2) Private Time

It is an incredible feeling to leave behind the fast-paced life of the city and live in a private world for a few days. By chartering a yacht, you will get to spend quality time with your family and loved ones without any interruptions from outside world, unlike a hotel vacay where you are pretty much connected with the rest of the world.

Private Time

You can have a peaceful time, and enjoy observing exotic ocean life, the tranquility of islands, all in the lap of luxury!

3) Flexibility & Freedom to Follow Your Heart

At Miami International Yacht Sales, we make sure to know your choices and make a schedule accordingly. So you can include numerous places you would like to explore. Everything will be planned according to your desire to help you have a memorable sojourn!

Flexibility & Freedom to Follow Your Heart


Besides, if you take a particular liking to a place, we can schedule a longer stay time there. Our ultimate aim is to make you happy by chartering a yacht just for you.

4) Delicious Food by Your Very Own Chef

A major advantage of choosing yacht charter over hotels is that you will get to whet your appetite with delicious delicacies customized and prepared to your liking!

Delicious Food by Your Very Own Chef

What could be better than relishing delectable food with your loved ones at the best table with a captivating view of the ocean and being catered to by personal chef on board?

5) Adventure & Fun At Once!

We have something for everyone’s idea of fun and adventure! We have endless choices for you. Whether you want hot tubs for a relaxing time, a full-service bar, swimming gears to take a dip in the ocean, or surf around in jet skis, we will make it happen!

Adventure & Fun At Once!

The joy of cruising in mega yachts is a phenomenal experience to cherish, and you need not share it with other (hotel) guests! How wonderful is that?

6) Get Pampered with Sensational Service

The attentive yacht crew is present to serve your needs and fulfill your desires. If you wish to be pampered and have a great time without any disturbances, yacht charter is a better option than a hotel stay any day.

Get Pampered with Sensational Service

Now that we have established that yacht charter is a better way to spend your vacation, what are you waiting for?

Get in touch with us at +1-305-857-8939 to schedule your yacht charter holiday now! We have several varieties of yachts such as luxury yachts, racing yachts, motor yachts for charter. Explore our collection, choose the one you like, and get ready for an unforgettable cruising experience!