Started in 1985 by talented visionaries Tilli Antonelli, Fausto Filippetti, and Guiliano Onari, the Pershing Group is now a part of the well-renowned Ferretti Group. As new technologies and design innovations kept emerging, the Pershing Group was able to use those design elements to make the finest and the most powerful motor yachts in the nautical industry.

If you are a sailor who loves exploring, Pershing Yachts will take you on an adventurous journey, with all the modern amenities and a powerful engine that will keep you on your toes. If yachts are your passion or you are looking to buy new or used Pershing yachts, then you should check out these exciting features to make an informed decision.

Pershing Yachts for Sale

Top 5 Extraordinary Features of Pershing Yachts!

  • Speed is the Signature of Pershing Yachts

Pershing yachts are one of the lightweight, fast, and hyper-performing powerboats. If you browse through different new and used Pershing Yachts for sale, you will find that speed is a dominant factor. For lovers of luxury sport yachts, Pershing Yachts are a winning combination of speed, high performance, comfort, and modern features. The 7x series of the Pershing Group features a high-performing yacht that can go up to an incredible speed of 50 knots.

  • A Leading Builder of Fiberglass Sports Yachts

Do you remember a time when there used to be wooden boats, with heavy bodies and hard-to-operate structures? Pershing Yachts was one of the leading yacht manufacturers in designing a fiberglass body for luxury yachts.

A fiberglass body for yachts offers the owners a clean, sophisticated, and crisp cut that not only looks sleek but also offers durability. While Pershing Yachts was the leader in introducing a fiberglass body, they are constantly experimenting with different materials to deliver superior results for the best yachting experience.

  • Top-of-the-Class Performance

When you take a high-performance yacht for a ride, you get a sense of its features and performance. Pershing Yacht lives up to its brand name and offers boat owners uncompromising performance.

You can maneuver a Pershing Yacht even in the tightest spaces, thanks to its powerful engine and extraordinary navigational capabilities. All of their motor yachts and superyachts come equipped with advanced propulsion. While different Pershing Yachts offer different speeds, intense performance will always be their trademark.

  • Luxury Comfort for Recreational Activities

If you think Pershing Yachts is only for those who seek adventure, think again! The yacht designs offered by them are meant for recreation as well as for sporting activities. It is the perfect blend of luxury spaces and modern amenities, meant for unwinding and spending time with your loved ones.

  • Combining Elegance and Innovation

Although Pershing Yachts is known for building luxurious motor yachts made with fiberglass, they recently entered the superyacht market with Pershing Yacht 140 which has an aluminum body. This shows their ability to constantly experiment and innovate with their designs and offer a unique yachting experience.

Their yachts are a perfect combination of elegance and comfort and offer the ‘Pershing Thrill’ to owners who desire to explore the sea with high-speed and high-performance yachts.

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