Ferretti Group came up with a series of customized yacht line. Bringing their innovative and creative minds into the process, they unveiled four brands called Ferretti yacht, Custom, Riva and Pershing line.

Ferretti Yacht For Sale

If you are planning on buying a yacht, you might as well buy one that has everything you desire. A customized yacht is not just a possibility but also an ask by most customers. Clients these days ask for some of the most peculiar desires. So as manufacturers, customizing the customer’s Ferretti Yachts according to their needs are an absolute need of the hour.

Just like luxury cars, yachts these days come with luxuries that help the customers get what they specifically need in their yachts. Some of the customized yacht designs include Jacuzzis, multiple decks, etc.

Ferratti dealers say that their Custom line is one of the most popular and successful brands. This yacht is one of the largest at about 30 to 42 meters. Since it is common for yacht buyers to treat their yachts as hubs for social gathering, it is important to provide large luxurious areas for the gathering. Most western clients want their yachts customized for family holidays while some others use it as a means of business gathering. Such clients prefer to have a movie theatre, karaoke or hot tubs over bedrooms.

Ferretti Yachts have released two versions of their models namely standardand Tiger. The standard model consists of the basic cabins on the lower deck, walk-in closets, laundry rooms, etc. In the Tiger Ferretti version, the bedroom is replaced with a large room for entertainment. Ferretti yachts these days have designer kitchens, jet skis, and elevators. They capture the essence of luxury and comfort often seen in TVs.

Custom Line Yachts, the most popular line of Ferretti Yachts for Sale, was established in 1996. To provide the ultimate cruising experience, Custom Line Ferretti yachts include semi-displacement and planning models. Navetta 28, Navetta 33, Navetta 37 and Navetta 42 are yachts from the semi-displacement model. The Navetta line includes a Jacuzzi, four decks, elevators, and a lift meant just for food.

Each line is specifically meant for customers looking for certain elements in their yacht. For example, a custom line yacht is for someone who’d like a large luxury boat which comes with multiple personalization options. Whereas, a Riva is slightly smaller in size but offers luxury and looks sleek and stylish. Pershing is a high-performance luxury yacht and lastly, Ferretti yachts are known for their engineering and sophistication.

How do I know Which Ferretti Yacht is Suitable for Me?

If you are planning on buying a luxury yacht, you will have to bear quite a cost. So, why don’t you make sure your yacht is worth the money you spend? If you are confused and are in need of guidance to pick a Ferretti yacht that suits, call us at +1 305-857-8939. At Miami International Yacht Sales, we sell some of the best high-end yachts. In addition to that, we also take pride in providing one of the best customer services in Miami.