Best 8 Italian Yacht Brands You Should Know!

Italian yachts are a top favorite in the yachting industry due to their unique dimensions and exceptionally well-planned interiors. The vessels typically range over 24 meters long, including beautifully crafted and designed superyachts and megayachts. The comfort and size of the Italian yachts often make them a preferred choice amongst buyers.

As a leading yacht brokerage in Miami, offering the best-in-class yachts for sale, we’ve listed the top eight Italian brands. Whether you are looking at mega yachts for sale or a luxury vessel, read on to learn about them to make an informed investment decision.

Top Italian Brands Offering Mega Yachts for Sale

1. Pershing Yachts

Based in Mondolfo, Italy, Pershing luxury yacht builders excel in designing high-performance motor yachts ranging from 14.24 to 35 meters. Owned by the Italian yacht-building brand Ferretti Group, they have created a remarkable reputation in the industry. Pershing yachts for sale are known for advanced propulsion, aesthetics, and excellent functionality.

We offer the best selection of used and new Pershing yachts for sale, including the likes of Pershing 108, Pershing 82, Pershing 70, and more. Our brokers can help you look at vessels ranging from 50 feet to 108 feet, equipped with advanced technology and exceptional features.

2. Benetti

If we talk about the oldest known Italian brand of yachts, Benetti reserves the top spot. Built by Lorenzo Benetti in 1873 for commercial use, the brand has grown tremendously to give a whole new meaning to Italian excellence. It has come a long way from building durable steel boats during World War II to producing wide-scale luxury yachts for sale today.

After Azimut Spa took over the Benetti shipyard in 1985, a significant transformation was witnessed in the design of the superyachts. The yachts were modernized to meet the contemporary style of aesthetics and improved engine durability—all in all, a wise investment.

3. Riva

Founded in 1852 in Sarnico, where ‘Pietro Riva’ grew up to become the legend of the Italian nautical scene, Riva yachts have come a long way. From making local working boats for anglers to meeting the global demand for mega yachts, their fleet includes cruises and high-powered motor yachts. Today, they are known for building more extensive and accommodating vessels.

4. Azimut

If the aesthetic appeal of yachts is of primary importance to you, be sure to include Azimut luxury yachts in your list. They reflect a distinct, authentic Italian style with a firm grasp on creative techniques. Their vessels have anti-fouling paints to avoid damages to aquatic life and advanced nanotechnologies.

5. CRN

From 1963, CRN yachts have paved their way to becoming a global leader and the epitome of design, elegance, and excellence. Innovation in the Italian yacht industry was brought about by this brand, including all the latest technological demands of cruising life. Currently, they have around 200 watercraft, including military and commercial vessels and splendid luxury yachts for cruising.

6. Sanlorenzo

In 1972, Giovanni Jannetti took the company reins to ensure Sanlorenzo became a sign of luxury, elegance, strength, and durability in the yachting industry. Sanlorenzo excels at producing Italian sailing yachts and superyachts for sale, built using resin-infused fiberglass, steel, and high-quality aluminum. The exquisite characteristics of these yachts include enhanced naval architecture, modern layout, awe-striking interior and exterior, and power.

7. Custom Line

Custom Line was developed in 1996 as an extended model of Ferretti’s flybridge fleet. The vessels by this brand typically range from 12 to 25 meters. They have an exclusive line of superyachts with fiberglass. They also offer customized yachts for sale to meet the varied needs of the buyers.

8. Mangusta

Founded in 1985 and owned by the Balducci family, Mangusta is an Italian brand known for producing high-speed yachts, built to perfection in the Tuscan shipyards. Today, the company has five voyage superyachts for sale and eight luxury sports yachts ranging between 104 to 215 feet. They also build custom yachts with enhanced features and personalized arrangements as per specific requests.

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