Feadship’s All-New Slice

Over the past decade, Feadhsip has made a name for itself as one of the world’s best and biggest yacht builders in the world. They constantly challenge and improve themselves to innovate, design, and engineer yachts that inspire and spearhead the future of yacht building. At last year’s Monaco Yacht Show, the Feadship Yachts revealed its eleventh revolutionary concept yacht. Today, let us look at what the new Feadship yacht has to offer.

The newest launch of the Feadship yacht is called the “Slice” and is an iconic 85-meter vessel that combats one of the biggest grievances of all yacht owners regarding the average vessel design. An average yacht has a common issue of dark interiors, long hallways, and stacked living areas. Of all the Feadship yachts, “Slice” is designed to have a long glass strip. This strip starts from the bow and goes to the stern of the vessel, letting the natural light illuminate the interiors and the various decks.

“Slice” works with a theme of turning the inside out and the outside in, according to Studio De Voogtdesigners Chris Bottoms and Tanno Weeda. The designer focused on reimagining and reinventing from the inside out rather than developing a flashy new design.
Simply put, the design team sliced the CAD model from the center and separated the two halves to ensure enough space for the glass strip that runs from the bow to the stern. It is not just the input of the glass in the design but rather glass overlaying a structural framework. But it is more than adding a few skylights; it redefines the relationships between the yacht’s interiors and spaces.

Atrium At The Centre

The Feadship yacht design and engineering team brief was to create a rebellious and revolutionary design that challenges the average yacht layout by incorporating vertical space designs and natural light. The brief also specifically asked for a linear ‘transition from the mountain to the sea.’

The iconic slice of this Feadship yacht that runs through the middle brings forth a lot of lighting and spatial opportunities. The corridors transform into more than mere transitional hallways from one place to another. They become enjoyable spaces that have their purpose.

At the heart of the yacht is a massive and impressive 70m2 atrium at the main deck level. The atrium is uninterrupted by a staircase, making it more than a hobby but a destination for guests to move about aft and forth. The circular cascading balconies in this Feadship yacht allow the imagination to run wild regarding art and lighting installations.

Scientifically Engineered Pool

Feadship’s Slice is full of outstanding features, one of them being a 10-meter-long pool that is created wholly based on data science. The Feadship Yachts design team utilized data science to create the perfect pool shape and placement.

They also used ultra-high modulus items inspired by Formula 1’s study into high-tensile carbon fiber. The De Voogt team utilized yacht-specific carbon fiber and manufactured an ultra-high modulus material that where two times stiffer than steel yet lighter than aluminum.

Modern Propulsion Choices

Slice, one of the most modern Feadship yachts, is powered by four dual-fuel generators, which are transformed to utilize non-fossil diesel (HVO) and methanol. The power generated is sent to the Azimuthing pods. The HVO operates as a pilot fuel to aid in methanol combustion. Since methanol lacks worldwide supply points, the HVO capacity is larger in this yacht allowing the methanol to be used sparingly, allowing global cruising.

The choice of changing one generator with methanol fuel cells exists, allowing power generation to support the vessel’s hotel load. A battery collection with power from generators and fuel cells permits slow and silent cruising.

Futuristic Interiors

This Feadship yacht interior was conceptualized and designed by Dutch designer Marco van Ham and was requested to avoid using teak. Van Ham and his team opted for onyx and backlit marbles, surfaces created using liquid metals, straw marquetry, pyrite, silver leaf, and shagreen while using matte and shiny surfaces.

The team also worked with neutral fabric to evoke a calm and relaxed mood. The undulating lines influence the flooring, and most of the furniture echoes organic shapes and is kept at eye level to prevent blocking vistas. You also see a lack of box-like rooms and square patterns.

Forward Entrance

Feadsip Yachts wanted Slice to address a recurring request for a private yet open aft pool equipped with sundecks and beautiful views but still out of sight of staff, passersby, and guests while moored in port.

With a wholly constructed passerelle and watertight front entrance that allows for bow-in mooring, Slice satisfies this requirement. A passerelle deploys, and a full-height portion of the stem at the main deck level hinges open at the push of a button, allowing passengers to enter the yacht’s interior and arrive first at a welcoming space in front of the tender bays after a short walk from the quay.

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