Mega Yacht and Super Yacht

Ever wondered what makes mega yachts and superyachts so fascinating? It is simply the sheer fact that a boat holds so many features that are nothing less than spectacles. From luxurious and ornate interiors to helicopter pads, mega yachts and superyachts can continue to mesmerize you with their unique luxuries. If you are looking for mega yachts for sale that offer features that can put the best hotels to shame, take a look at this list.

Here’s a list of seven hotel-like features you can find in a mega yacht and superyacht:

Indoor Gardens

Greenery not only adds beauty and tranquility to space but also gives you a sense of being in harmony with nature. Stella Marris is a superb example of this. The superyacht has glass-enclosed vertical gardens that rise from the main deck to the level above. The garden was made to allow its guests to enjoy greenery even while at sea, regardless of the weather. So, for those who prefer to venture out into the Caribbean in colder climates during wintertime, Stella Marris offers an all-weather tropical experience. You can look for these stunning super yachts for sale at Miami International Yacht Sales!


What could be a better way to relax than have a rejuvenating massage in a luxurious spa in the middle of the sea? The Rossinavi High Power III, formerly known as Numptia, has an elaborate spa that includes a sauna, a steam room, and a gym. These features are now available in even yachts that are too small to feature in the top 100 largest yachts in the world. For instance, the 60-meter CRN Jade has a beautiful spa lined with bright-green mosaic tiles that lend the yacht its name. You can check out the large yachts on sale at Miami International Yacht Sales!

Infinity Pools

Why travel to the other end of the world to find the best infinity pools? The 81.27-meter Alfa Nero by Oceanco has mesmerized people with its stunning infinity pool. The yacht has won recognition for its beautiful pool, which is deemed to be one of the best superyacht pools in the world. If you are looking for mega yacht dealers, you can get in touch with the experts at Miami International Yacht Sales!

Floor to Ceiling Glass

The 70.7-meter Lurssen superyacht Skat, which was delivered in 2002, surprised many with her extensive use of glass. The superyacht set a trend which many would follow in the coming years. The floor-to-ceiling glass outline made the superyacht look tiny yet overpowering.

Owner’s Private Deck

Think beyond the staterooms and expansive balconies of hotel rooms! The Eclipse, currently the second-largest yacht, features a jaw-dropping plus private deck measuring 56 meters in length. The Motor Yacht A features a loft-owners suite that includes an aft-facing balcony.

The 80-meter Chopi Chopi has an expansive private owner’s deck, with plush furniture and settings that make it perfect for enjoying a relaxing cup of coffee in the morning or rewinding with your friends in the evening.

Sport Courts

A super-luxury hotel may offer you spaces to enjoy your favorite sports, but can they beat the appeal that a superyacht could offer? Maybe not!

For those who love sports and would like to make the most of their time in the waters enjoying their favorite sport, the Feadship superyacht Musashi is a dream come true. The superyacht has a permanently mounted basketball loop on the aft deck that lets you enjoy your favorite sport as you are cruising through the blue waters. Miami International Yacht Sales is one of the leading super yacht dealers who can help you find the best deals in yachts for sale

Bold Paint Jobs

Bold paint jobs aren’t exactly a thing that you would go looking for in a hotel, but when it comes to superyachts – a bold paint job is undoubtedly a differentiator. If you are looking for a boat for sale and would want it to be your style statement, Feadship’s Tango would be a yacht you cannot take your eyes off because of its captivating paint job.

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