Your Ultimate Guide To Pershing Yachts

Pershing 6X

Known to be defiant by nature, the Pershing 6X embodies the predatory spirit of all Pershing Yachts. With the typical X-generation attribute, this yacht has sleek, pared-back lines and hull windows that illuminate the below deck space. The side wings are integrated into the superstructure for the utmost onboard comfort.

As far as performance is concerned, with the twin MAN V12 1550mhp engines and ultra-modern steering and control, this yacht can slice through the water at up to 48 knots.

Regarding comfort, the spatial, ergonomic design and superior technology and performance provide ample opportunity to enjoy both nature and luxury.

Pershing 5X

The first in the generation X series, calling the Pershing 5X anything other than an example of extraordinary talent would be a disservice. The Pershing 5X opens a new chapter with its highly aerodynamic superstructure design. This yacht with four hull windows per bulwark, each with elliptical portholes, is labeled the “fighter jet” on water. The side wings which protect the cockpit can also be separated or joined.

The twin CAT 12.9 engines with 1,000hp each top system 75X surface drives for a cruising speed of 41 knots and a top speed of 45 knots; this yacht is incredibly easy to operate and provides robust performance.

Regarding comfort, the Pershing 5X is labeled as a perfectionist. It adapts to all weather conditions seamlessly, and thanks to its mobile spaces, it draws a perfect balance between luxury and functionality. The interior design creates the ideal balance between natural and soft hues, creating a more welcoming space.

Pershing 140

Labeled as the biggest thrill, the Pershing 140 embodies the classic Pershing thrill. This yacht exhibits sleek lines that fall right into the brand’s sporting and competitive spirit. The two iconic side wings are integrated into the fully aluminum superstructure at the beginning of the walkways.

The four MTU 16 V 2000 M96L 2600 HP engines and hydro jet propulsion ensure incredible performance at cruising and maximum speed. With three large decks and spacious outdoor areas to relax, the Pershing 140 is synonymous with the utmost luxury and comfort. The revolutionary stern area architecture is designed to enhance onboard entertainment and is exalted by the large beach club right at the water’s edge.

Pershing 9X

This extraordinary creature exhibits the true state-of-the-art nautical design. The Pershing 9X gives us a glimpse into the world of luxury and technology with its futuristic materials, creating the revolutionary maxi coupé that merges the Pershing thrill with the “X Generation.” The Pershing 9X stands out with its innovative design and its usage of composite materials such as carbon, vinyl ester resin and epoxy resin.

This Yacht also offers top-notch performance and comfort due to its whisper-quiet running even at high speeds. With the joysticks and surface propellers, the Pershing 9X provides easy navigation.
The fully integrated propulsion, navigation, and monitoring system combine performance with control. The sun deck offers a generous space for relaxing, thanks to a lounge dinette and a large sun pad. The Pershing 9x also offers jaw-dropping interior décor from the best Italian brands.

Pershing 8X

Branded as the carbon fiber revolution; the Pershing 8X leaps forward in innovation and style. This model stands out because of its lightweight, fast, and hyper-performing features and can be called the masterpiece of the “X Generation.” The iconic elements such as the sleek side wing design and aerodynamic profile of the sun deck are boosted due to the sophisticated naturalness of carbon fiber.

The twin-engine speeds up to 45- 48 knots(48 knots depending on optional configuration), its integrated propulsion control, maneuvering, navigation, monitoring system, and 24” touchscreen monitor provide the Pershing 8X great accessibility. You can also enjoy a blend of intimacy and privacy with dual access to the main deck. With the innovative Music Hull system, you can enjoy music underwater with high audio quality.

Pershing 7X

The Pershing 7X, the lightspeed vessel of the “X Generation” with its compact and flawless design, embodies the true meaning of lightness and speed. Designed by Fulvio De Simoni, the Pershing 7X is a perfect mixture of advanced technology and innovation. The Pershing 7X obtains its lightness due to the carbon fiber during construction.

Ths yacht can reach the incredible speed of 50 knots due to its design and 1800 MHP twin MAN V12 engines. The innovative Dynamic Positioning System allows Pershing 7X to maintain its position even during turbulent winds or currents. As far as design is concerned, the yacht provides a spacious feel due to its open spaces, such as the large lounge allowing the boat to be filled with light and is the perfect spot to relax and unwind.

Pershing GTX116

Join the seascape revolution with the Pershing GTX116. This 35-meter yacht breaks down every barrier. Turn your yacht into a luxurious escape with her sporty nature, extreme liveability, and elegant styling. Unlock new people-boat-water paradigm with 165 square meters of seamlessly connected outdoor areas plus the ground-breaking Seascape.

This yacht is for all the thrill-seekers globally as the GTX116 provides excellent synergy between three 1,800 mhp (opt. 2,000 mhp) MAN engines, Kamewa waterjets, and cutting-edge Pershing technology.

Indulge in the heights of luxury with sophisticated Italian decor that expresses the style and personality of the owner

Why Should I Get Pershing Yachts For Sale

Alberto Galassi, CEO of Ferretti Group, believes that Pershing Yachts embodies the song by Queen, “Don’t Stop Me Now,” which is all about thrill, adventure, and never stopping and leading a life worth remembering. The premium nautical engine provides Pershing Yachts with the trademark “Pershing thrill.” Lead a life of adventure, luxury, and elegance with the Pershing, the group that has been revolutionizing the world of yachting since 1985.

Where To Get a Pershing Yacht For Sale

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Pershing 6X Pershing 5X Pershing 140 Pershing 9X Pershing 8X Pershing 7X Pershing GTX116
Overall Length  62 ft 2 in /18.95 m 54 ft 2 in / 16.51 m 142 ft 1 in / 43.31 m 92 ft 2 in / 28.09 m 83 ft 10 in / 25.55 m 69 ft 3 in / 21.11 m 115 ft 7 in / 35.23 m
People on board 14 12 18 20 16 16 20
Cabins 3 2 5 4 4 3 5 + 3 crew
Bathrooms 3 2 7 6 3 3 6
Engine HP 1550 1000 2600 2638 2435 1800 1800
Cruise speed N/A 38 knots 35 knots 38 knots 38 knots 42 knots 26.5 kn
Fuel 845 US gal / 3,200 l 581 US gal / 2, 200 l 7,925 US gal/ 30,000 l 2,378 US gal / 9,000 l 1,638 US gal / 6,200 l 951 US gal / 3,600 l 3,830 US gal/14,408 l