Recently in November, the Technavio group, a leading business and market analyst presented a report on the ‘Global Luxury Yacht Market’ with a steady forecast of 12% CAGR, i.e., Compound Annual Growth Rate. In this report, they have stated Ferretti Yachts is the world’s second-largest key player in the yachting industry. Being an industry leader, it holds a particular market share, and buyers enjoy the position.

Ferretti Yachts has multiple brands under its name, including Pershing Yachts, Custom Line, and Riva, thus this share does not come as a surprise. But the overall industry growth of 12 % was surely a surprise for many. The growth opens up several horizons for manufacturers and suppliers to take advantage of it. According to the analysts, the crucial reason behind this growth has been due to the increase in recreational tourism.

If the report’s market share is divided geographically, America leads the market with a heavy number of 40 percent. This is huge considering other geographical locations such as the Middle East and Europe. But it isn’t all happy for America as the market share is forecasted to plummet to a mere 13 percent in 2022. For this drastic decrease, the cost of operations that goes towards owning or chartering a yacht is guilty.

Nevertheless, Ferretti Yachts being the leading designer of luxury yachts will always enjoy their fair share.

New Launches Of 2018 Debuted in Fort Lauderdale

From 31st October to 4th November 2018, Fort Lauderdale hosted its own yacht show and had over three billion worth of yachts on display. Though many boats from a variety of yacht brands were on display, many yachting enthusiasts were eager for the new launches from the Ferretti Group.

The crowd could not help but be mesmerized by the following yachts from the Ferretti Group.

  • Ferretti Yachts 670 New

Ferretti Yachts 670 New

With a perfect blend of socialization and seclusion, this new Ferretti Yacht was a huge hit among yacht lovers. In addition to the trademark clean forms and sleek lines of the Ferretti water vessels, Ferretti 670 New also has an excellent update in its specifications, making it the most sought-after yacht. The yacht is 20.24 meters long and has offerings like a larger vessel. It is a competitive yacht in its category, providing true innovation, comfort, and livability.

  • Pershing 9X

Pershing 9X

Pershing 9X is a perfect amalgamation of luxury and technology, and truly a new chapter to ‘Gen-X’ models. It is made of light materials such as carbon, fiberglass, and epoxy resin which help to achieve greater speed and efficiency.

Other 16 Amazing Launches Of Ferretti Yachts Group

  • Ferretti Yachts – 450, 550, 780, 850 and 920
  • Riva Yachts – Riva Iseo, Rivamare, Aquariva Super, two 76’ Perseo, 56’ Rivale, 88’ Florida and 88’ Domino Super
  • Pershing Yachts – Pershing 5X, Pershing 82, Pershing 70

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