The choice of Benetti Sail Division has been to build its full displacement range of motor yachts as “safe vessels” therefore, the passionate work of Riccardo Benetti is to oversee all aspects of their construction. The legacy continues with the new alliance between Riccardo Benetti and the Chinese first class group SGOG. SCOG is very well known in the world of shipping and commercial vessels, under the leadership of their CEO, Mr. Bruce Lee.Based on the intelligent vision of the future of yachting, BENETTI Sail Division has entered the new alliance with the famous Shanghai Jiangnan Shipyards under the brand “Benetti Sail Division Shanghai Shipyard”.The goal of this new Sino-Italian alliance for yachting is the fusion of the experience of Riccardo Benetti, as one of Italy’s prominent yacht designers, the immense technical capabilities of SGOG, the powerful construction capacity of Shanghai Jiangnan shipyards. The results are the best steel and aluminum motoryachts for the worldwide market.

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