The Ferretti Group

The Ferretti Group is a world pioneer in the outline, development, and offer extravagant yachts and joy vessels, with a one of a kind arrangement of esteemed and exclusive brands: Ferretti Yachts, Riva, Pershing, Itama, Mochi Craft, CRN and Custom Line.

Chairman Tan Xuguang and Chief Executive Officer Alberto Galassi, the Ferretti Group can gloat present day shipyards situated crosswise over Italy.

In addition, a system of more than 60 selected dealers makes Group’s presence in more than 80 nations, guaranteeing customers get the best in class help to their watercraft in the overall marinas.

The Ferretti Group has dependably been a pioneer in the joy drifting industry, because of the consistent item and process development and the steady scan for forefront innovative arrangements.

Hence, all Ferretti Group engine yachts have constantly separated themselves for exceptional quality, awesome well being and phenomenal exhibitions adrift, and also for their restrictive outline and immortal appeal, which influence them to emerge in the sculling sector around the world.

Riva Yachts For Sale

Riva and Ferretti Group

Following the procurement by Ferretti Group, another period started for Riva, described by a solid concentrate on development, flawlessly in concordance with the rationality that had constantly determined the shipyard since it was set up. The notable brand, mixing innovation and custom, reevaluates a contemporary, present day, and interesting style, in a joint effort with Officina Italiana Design.

In the year of procurement, the 33-footer Aquariva was propelled, which encapsulated the real DNA of Riva and set the standard for future generation: restrictiveness, style, development. These qualities were gathered in an item that was progressive regarding mechanical highlights, dependability, and execution.

In the course of the most recent 13 years, Riva has built up a selective and enhanced scope of fiberglass yachts in the vicinity of 27 and 164 feet long, which presently includes 15 models crosswise over 3 distinct product segments: Iseo, Aquariva Super, Rivamare, Rivarama Super, Riva 56′ Rivale, 63′ Virtus, 63′ Vertigo, 76′ Bahamas, 76′ Perseo, 88′ Domino Super, 88′ Florida, 100′ Corsaro, 110′ Project, 122′ Mythos, 50 mt.

Design, materials and absolute quality.

Craftsmanship, unmatchable quality, creative however constantly utilitarian plan, has dependably been Riva’s trademark. With a meticulous care to auxiliary points of interest, each boat, from 27 to 115 feet, is given an exact identity connected to its name.

Riva is, like never before, a refined, rich and ageless excellence on water, including cutting-edge design and execution. The greater part of Riva’s one of a kind qualities is because of a solid bond amongst design and convention. None of its current achievements would have been conceivable without the learning and experience of those people who have passed their gifts in building vessels from era to era.

Today, Riva’s models emerge for their perfect and basic lines, extremely exquisite and unique, for their selective plan and novel style. This ideal mix of style and development sets the benchmark in the historical backdrop of the global plan. The spirit of Pietro Riva, the youthful boat builder, still lives on. Riva is as yet constructing watercrafts no one else could.

With the obtaining of Riva by Ferretti Group, in May 2000, another time of development started, yet in addition, another period, rich in open doors for Officina Italiana Design, began. They speak to an applicable piece of the recorded memory of the boatyard and of its current custom.

Officina Italiana Design has marked every one of the ventures as of now being delivered. In Micheli’s words: “We are not excited about “flashy” yachts with the minor virtuosity of shape. Neither do we enjoy unwarranted intentions with an undeniable effect. We cherish a traditional, fundamental, clean outline style, where the watchword is “removing” not ‘adding’. Our point is to accomplish the quintessence of a one of a kind, distinct style, where advancement meets and creates in concordance with a convention which has turned out to be unbelievable.”

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