The Italian luxury yacht manufacturer, Sanlorenzo, having launched its first superyacht in the year 1995, has turned 60 in the year 2018. Ranked among the top yacht builders in the world, with magnificent yachts ranging from 28 to 64 meters, San Lorenzo yachts a favorite worldwide. Let us take an in-depth look at what has made this particular brand of water vessel famous among yacht lovers globally.

Sanlorenzo Yacht

Top 5 Reasons Why San Lorenzo Yachts are Popular in the Yachting Industry

Exclusivity in Yacht Building
They offer a level of perfection and personalization that is unmatched in the global market. San Lorenzo yachts are a manifestation of sheer luxury on water. Whether you require a small yacht or 24 meters of an enormous 64-meter superyacht, you can count on the San Lorenzo team to cater to your needs and build one as per your specifications.

Quest for Perfection
It is this need for perfection that has made all the difference and helped San Lorenzo evolve into a superior player in the yachting industry. Every yacht is the outcome of meticulous hard work of engineers, designers, and artisans. All the vessels boast of the following:

  • Top-level safety measures
  • Innovative equipment
  • Best entertainment options
  • Sleek and well-proportioned structure
  • Elegant and subtle beauty
  • Timeless design and quality

State-of-the-Art Technology
Sanlorenzo yachts are equipped with the latest technology, particularly the E Motion system, that is a hybrid of diesel/electric systems. These models have engine systems that offer higher efficiency and reduce emissions significantly.

Unique Structure & Design
San Lorenzo fleet is quite vibrant with fiberglass hulls in yachts, crossover yachts, semi-displacement, small yachts, mega or superyachts, luxury yachts. These water vessels boast of envious interiors that are nothing less than the extravagance of most luxurious apartments. Additionally, they have an eco-sustainable approach to building yachts. Some of the unique designs that you can find in their vessels are:

  • Swimming pool with a transparent bottom in the main deck
  • Floating central staircase
  • Shaded exteriors with spacious area for uninterrupted views
  • Elegant hardtop with slats that can double as blinds to shut out the sun
  • Asymmetrical structure with single main side deck

Attention to Detail
Every minute detail is designed to fit seamlessly into the sleek lines of the yachts. Whether it is the fabric for the interiors, wood for the deck, shades of paint or any other aspect, only the best materials are used for the construction and design of the vessels.

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San Lorenzo Boats
If you are looking to purchase a San Lorenzo yacht, you may get in touch with our yacht brokers at Miami International Yacht Sales by calling on +1-305-857-8939. You can also use the online ‘Yacht Search’ option and look for any specific yacht.

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