Brace yourself for the most awaited annual event ‘The Maini Yacht Show’. The 30th year will be celebrated on Collins Avenue, Miami, Florida. Previously known as ‘Yacht Miami Beach’, comes with a lot more exciting new look this time.

Covered over 1.2 million square feet of the stretch, in the heart of Miami Beach, above the Indian Creek Waterway, displaying more than 1200 new and pre-owned world’s most remarkable and distinctively modeled yachts and superyachts, this event brings a kind of super excitement in the air.

The excitement doubles this year, with a lot more facilities for the visitors. Painless and annoyance-free parking spaces, water taxis, and free bus shuttles will enable the guests to relish the breath-taking in-water-only display of yachts with an enrapt and relaxed mind.

Did you know, this Yacht Show was an outcome of great passion for yachting! This event has created one of the most newfangled yacht brokerage businesses in the industry. Since 1969, it has managed to fulfill the requirements of both, buyers and sellers of yachts.

The Miami International Yacht Show Sale brings about more than 1200 designs in-display. One of them is the ‘Riva Yacht’ – a completely unique, snazzy, and classic combination of beauty and technology.

Riva Yachts History

History takes us back to 1842 when Pietro Riva commenced building boats on the coastlines of Lago d’lseo, Italy. His great-grandson Carlo Riva transmuted the business. He was the architect, designer, creator of the maritime icon we now enjoy. With great hard work, exceptional designs, and excellent style, Riva brand became worldwide legend. Today, the boatyard is owned by the Ferretti Group.

Today, Riva is not only an artifact people want to be proud owners of, but an idiosyncratic piece of yachting bequest, arraying the style, elegance, and indulgence of a very early time, – a time when many people would just dream of even owning a car.

Riva Yachts

Riva has within; the quality, comfort, and elegance which make it stand apart when on waters. This luxurious piece of beauty represents technology at its best. With a variety of designs and models, it never fails to attract yacht lovers, awestruck them, and compel to own one.

While listing some of the most important features of Riva Yachts, one cannot miss out the unique, convertible, adaptable, and perfect seating areas. Deck provides ample space for you to enjoy with your family and friends. The combination of comfort and quality makes it a perfect choice for every yacht lover.

Miami Yacht Show brings in the best new and pre-owned Riva Yachts for sale. You have a wide range of designs and models to choose from. We are sure you would find the one that fits best with your needs and interest. Riva Yachts for sale offer stiff competition to its compeers.

Come, explore, and be a part of the world of Riva Yachts at the Miami International Yachts for sale in Miami, Florida.