Feadship yachts are truly a jewel of ingenious and splendor. Get the sheer delight of owing a yacht that marks style and luxury for you. There are many companies offering great deals on Feadship yachts for sale. However, if you are looking for a company that closely works to your specifications then you have come at the right place. Our classic fleet of Feadship yachts are amply refitted and extremely impressive.

Feadship Yachts


The name Feadship reckons with it a great deal of prestige and fervor.  Being a celebrated group of yacht constructors, Feadship is authentically a team which firmly believes in serving each prospective owner in a unique fashion. Feadship builds yacht designs from the scratch and doesn’t rely on inspired versions of boats. Giving a unique touch of its excellence to each superyacht it creates, every boat it designs is a masterpiece in itself. When we speak here of customization, we don’t imply that an existing boat is further tweaked with more facilities or existing features are modified. With personalization, we imply that we work with our clients to create a unique yacht which has its own distinct features; a yacht that reflects the Feadship style.

There is an assortment of yachts under the Feadship flagship, yet we are proud to announce that each boat built under this brand has a distinctive feature which segregates them from the rest. Each Feadsip yacht comes with an inherent quality that is felt just at the moment when the sailor lands on it. We understand that with sophisticated technology, products around us keep changing. However, we believe that it is sticking to our roots, to our traditions and values that led us to success which will help us serve our clients in a satisfactory style. Our traditional values are the essence of our superyachts which stand majestically on the blue waters since the commencement of the nineteenth century. With time, our experts only aim at achieving new benchmarks when it comes to the artistic design of our yachts, their performance, and luxurious interiors.

Unforgettable Memories & Experiences Guaranteed..!!