CRN’s fifty-year history is interesting and significant from multiple points of view. It is a story that exchanges astonishing thoughts, extraordinary accomplishments, and troublesome times as well. Thus, successfully mixing together business aptitudes, human resourcefulness, and enthusiasm for yachting has composed remarkable pages in the era of modern Italian industry.

Sanzio Nicolini began constructing some steel and aluminum watercraft in Ancona, in the year 1963. Steel and aluminum were not used so much since wood was a favored material then. This demonstrates how confident Sanzio Nicolini was about his skills which ultimately revealed the “cutting edge” vocation of the Shipyard. A decision that was radical and conclusive.

The Shipyard made quick progress right from the very beginning and built up itself. They dealt with an exceptionally picky and taxing clientele. CRN Yachts became quite popular towards the end of the 60’s, as they expanded from 15 to 20 meters in size. It was then that the Shipyard constructed its first arrangement of 23-meter crafts, the SuperConero, which was later trailed by progressively huge and lofty vessels, constructed in collaboration with critical creators, which added to setting up of CRN yachts universal notoriety.


Within a span of eight years from 1970 to 1978 a productive participation started between Carlo Riva and Sanzio Nicolini.

Amid this time, CRN yachts assembled eight watercraft for Riva: six Marco Polo’s, which drew motivation from the Super Conero, and two Vespucci, one of which moved toward becoming Carlo Riva’s own yacht. This collaboration between the two incredible pioneers, Riva and Nicolini, showcased a vital moment for the Italian yachting industry in general as well as for both the organizations.


Amid the 80’s, CRN’s customers were, for the most part, Greek yacht proprietors and Middle Eastern royal families, which implied that the watercrafts’ size continued to grow, ranging from 32 to 61 meters. Yachts in this range included: Awal, Akitou, Santa Maria, Vanina, and Abdulaziz.

1983 was an exceptionally critical year in CRN’s history. It was the year when an exceptionally imaginative yacht was, at last, conveyed to a passionate yacht proprietor with an extremely individual taste – head of Fiat, Mr. Gianni Agnelli. Named F100, the yacht estimated 32.80 meters and it was designed by naval architect, Gerhard Gilgenast.


During these years, CRN’s customers were, for the most part, centered in just the Middle East. Toward the start of the decade, due to the Gulf War, problems started to pour in. CRN chose to enhance the Shipyard’s tasks, to incorporate refitting and more commercial activities. They started building vessels of impressive size.

2000’s: A New Era

A new milestone was achieved in the year 2002, which later on improved its production limit and know-how. Morini’s involvement in steel development increased through its generation of business, trade and military boats, impeccably coordinated CRN’s needs and the union between the two shipyards prompted the making of a noteworthy activity with an 80-thousand-square-meter site.

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