The reputation of Bertram is built on rough and rugged sports fishermen based on the original Ray Hunt design that produced boats that keep on going when others had to put into port. But the downside of a very deep vee hull is that they are inefficient and require a lot more horsepower, as well as fuel, to drive them.  This also resulted in a lower profile hull that significantly limits interior space, a factor which gave Hatteras room to compete in the fish boat market by making Beaumier boats with bigger and plusher interiors that pleased the ladies.

Bertram Yachts for Sale

Interiors on these boats are often downright spartan. Not for nothing are they often referred to as macho boats. The good news is that this can easily be changed by covering with veneers, vinyl or fabrics over the mica, which can transform some of these dreary interiors in no time.

Each Bertram is designed and built by skilled craftsmen who are boaters themselves, so even the smallest details are taken into account. Every component is intentionally chosen and materials, colors, and finishes are hand-selected to create a timeless, elegant design both inside and out.

The spacious, comfortable interior is as practical as it is beautiful. Ample storage above and below deck means it can accommodate our Bertram families and fishing crew wherever they go. Bertram yachts for sale that are fully equipped and accessorized in order to make it best suitable for all your sailing purposes.

On deck, you’ll be met by an optimized console layout and easy-to-access engine room. Equipped exclusively by powerful CAT diesel, you’ll never fall short on performance.