Selling a yacht is easier said than done and finally parting ways from your beloved is the most difficult part of the process. Thus, people want this process to be as fast as possible, like ripping the band-aid off. We, Miami International Yacht Sale have prepared a list of things that you need to do in order to fasten your used yachts available for sale.

As the boating season approaches, one can easily find more buyers and so it becomes viable to sell your used yacht before the season begins. The sellers can easily find many offers on the table from plenty of motivated and interested buyers. Selling your used yacht in ‘off-season’ isn’t really an option as the frequency of offers becomes rare and one might also have to settle for less with not many buyers in hand. This is not applicable for places like Miami where all the days of the year are pretty much ‘on-season’ days with boats on sale in Miami, all year long.

In our years of experience, we have come across both yacht brokers and owners, making the same mistakes that make the yacht hard to sell. In this blog, we have mentioned our ten tips that can never break the sale.

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1. Ask yourself, if you are really ready to sell?

A boat and his owner have a special bond and thus it is important to be really sure and emotionally ready to part ways with your boat. Over the years, we have seen many cases where the owners subconsciously step out of from selling because they just are not ready to sell their beloved.

2.  Motive to sell

The buyers always ask this before buying any boat and to them, your motive should not be limited to money. Your motive should have an emotional appeal.

3. The appropriate price

While listing prices, many owners forget that only fair prices are accepted by all. Owners sometimes list down a price based on their emotional attachment to it due to which the boat never sells. So how do you arrive at a fair price?

To arrive at a fair price, the owners should first try to search on the internet about similar yachts and look for their prices. This will draw a good comparison and help you to figure out the estimated selling price for your yacht. Try to call these internet brokers to see if the boat has sold and if not then what is the cause.

After completing this research, calculate the cost you have bear, per month, if you do not sell your boat. Evaluate those prices and come up with the lowest figure you might be comfortable with.  Always remember, no one will come to see your boat if it is priced really high.

4. Prep-up your yacht

Consider the buyer meeting as your yacht’s exam. Prepare your yacht in the best way so it gets selected with the buyers. The right way to do so would be to keep your boat cleaned and waxed, inside and out, for people who are coming to see it. It is rightly said that you never get a second chance to make a first impression, so use your chance wisely.

While making the purchase, many people hire a Professional Yacht Management to look after their boat. We cannot stress enough on how much of a help it becomes while selling it as they are responsible to keep your boat in the best shape possible.

Buyers look for boats where they can imagine life, hence you should make your boat look like someone lived there by having some personal stuff around. But do not forget to empty the stowage are and the closets, to make your boat look spacious.

5. Exposure

If the sale in real estate is dependent on its location, then in yachts, it is dependent on the amount of exposure the yacht gets. The only way to sell your yacht quickly is to let her have all the attention. Let people see. There are many ways of doing that. If you want to try something beyond advertising then make your yacht available to charter. This way she will attract more potential buyers.

6. A Professional Survey

Every serious buyer gets a Professional Survey before buying any boat. Thus, getting a Professional Survey beforehand will save you from a great deal of uncertainty and hassle. It will also give you a better understanding towards the kind of work or repairs you need to put in, to make it appropriate for the market price.

7. In the end, it’s all about details!

Always remember, “Accurate information is a key part of motivation”. Nothing will motivate a potential buyer more than the correct and cohesive information about your boat. In the listings, you should include information like the places traveled, engine hours, refit history and like. More the information, more interested will be the buyer.

But ultimately it comes down only one thing and that is the value of the boat. Think about the time when you bought your boat? Why did you choose the boat you own right now? Think from the perspective of a buyer and you will definitely sell your boat quickly.

In case of any queries about boat for sale in Miami, contact Miami International Yacht Sales.