Miami yacht chartersIf you ask me whether is it possible to work and sail around the world together, then I would say yes, it is definitely possible. All you have to do is manage flawlessly. I have been living full-time in my Bertram yacht for a couple of months. And I must say that sailing between the Atlantic Ocean and the Biscayne Bay, Miami, Florida with any Miami yacht charters is something you must try once in a lifetime.

Now before jumping on the ideas and money-making tricks, let me share how much does a living in boat costs? Although I am sure you will hear most of the experts say that cost of living in a boat is around 20% of the actual cost of the boat. But I say, the cost of living on the beautiful looking Miami yacht charters that include everything from food, repairs and maintenance thoroughly depends on where and how you travel? For example, sailing in Thailand means living at a fraction of the cost that of sailing in Europe. Just give it a start and I am sure you will figure out some smart ways that are where to shop or how to opt for an inexpensive and quality boat repairs.

Now coming back to the money-making ideas, here I would like to mention a few tips that will thoroughly guide you on the same.

1: Balance wisely

I have seen many of us using this idea of balancing their lives wisely. I wish I could know before I left but never mind as far as you can try this out! Work during the winters and then take six months to explore places especially the Mediterranean or Caribbean, isn’t that a great thing! Honestly speaking, sailing around for an entire season can offer you one of the finest exposures to life.

2: Get a work from home job!   

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I chose this option, today most of the companies prefer hiring the efficient freelance employees instead of full-timers. The Internet completely acts as an ocean of opportunities, you be anywhere in the middle of the sea or on the land, your work is not going to suffer. If you can find a reliable work from a home job then trust me, nothing can stop you from exploring things.

3: Working within the world of Miami yacht charters

I am sure when you go on a voyage, you will come across numerous boat people who are ready to help with traveling and boat maintenance services such as boat washing, engine maintenance, delivery, skippering and the list goes on. So you can at least think of becoming one of those.

So I think I made a fair point! Keep an eye on this space to get a better perspective!